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Our Peoria Chiropractor Welcomes You to Malavolti Chiropractic Center

Female in Peoria in need of chiropractic care

Welcome to Malavolti Chiropractic Center, Peoria's place for naturally effective health, wellness and pain management services. Our chiropractor, Dr. Malavolti, provides a wide range of non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical healing modalities that are safe for all ages, from small children to senior citizens. We're looking forward to helping you and your loved ones enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Get to Know Our Peoria Chiropractor

We're confident that you'll come to appreciate Dr. Malavolti both as a skilled chiropractor and as a trusted friend and health advisor. Dr. Malavolti is an Illinois native who received his Doctorate Degree from the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been serving the chiropractic needs of Peoria area residents since 1991. Dr. Malavolti is certified in several chiropractic methodologies and other conservative care techniques and has belonged to both the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association (IPSCA) and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) since the 1990s.

A Variety of Services for Peoria Residents

Here at Malavolti Chiropractic Center, we don't limit ourselves to the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Malavolti employs a wide range of natural, non-invasive healing techniques to address the many different physical systems and components that can be affected by an underlying disorder or injury, treating your body as the complex, integrated organism it is. You'll benefit from:

  • Chiropractic care - We offer chiropractic care for all ages, including pediatric chiropractic adjustments from infancy through the school years. Even small alignment errors in the spinal column or extremities can cause pain, stiffness, muscular strain and neurological dysfunction. Dr. Malavolti is also skilled in the Webster Technique to help ensure safer pregnancies for expectant mothers.
  • Spinal and postural screenings - Our screening methods can point out many posture problems that may be having a negative effect on your health and comfort. Spinal screenings are also a critical tool for diagnosing the underlying causes of pain and other symptoms. Pediatric screenings can help us detect scoliosis in time to prescribe effective treatment measures.
  • Corrective exercises - Corrective exercises can help you rehabilitate injuries to restore strength, balance and comfortable range of motion. They can even help you maintain your corrected alignment through straighter, healthier posture.
  • Nutrition and weight loss - You are what you eat, and our nutritional counseling can help you eat for health and wellness. We also offer safe, professionally-supervised programs to help you lose weight.
  • Essential oils - Essential oils and aromatherapy can have a profoundly positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical well being. We can target your particular needs and challenges with specific essential oils.
  • Lifestyle advice - It's all too easy to sabotage your own health without realizing. Our Peoria chiropractor can provide lifestyle advice to help you adjust your daily routine for optimal healing and wellness.

Come Visit Our Peoria Chiropractic Clinic

Malavolti Chiropractic Center is ready to serve as your family's better health resource for life. Call 309-693-7887 and arrange a visit to our Peoria clinic!

James J. Malavolti, D.C.

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